Solid Gold Marketing Design

Discovering a "gold mine" of promotional material for every level of desktop publisher/designer/editor/administrative assistants

  • Programs are customized specific to your organization and samples!
  • Master the practical techniques of graphic layout, typestyle fonts and color psychology
Solid Gold Marketing

Sparkle When You Speak!TM

Making effective presentations -- for every level of presenter and every type of presentation

  • Apply the 7 significant secrets of speaking
  • Structure, organize, and energize any presentation
  • Create and use visual aids to persuade, inform and motivate
Solid Gold Marketing

7 Secrets to Connect
with Anyone

How to communicate with anyone,
anywhere - on their level!

  • Build better rapport, cooperation and trust
  • Enhance a keen sense of listening skills
  • Ideal for executive retreats - as a full day, half day, or breakout sessions
Sparkle When you Speak

Customer Service
with Heart

Putting a positive attitude,
connection and spirit to work

  • Learn 4 things customers really want -- and 7 things they don't
  • Use 3 dynamics of communication skills and 2 listening techniques
  • Serve from your heart and connect authentically with your customers
Solid Gold Marketing