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  Brighten your attitude and boost your business communication skills!

Sparkle Up!
For Toastmasters

30 Skill-Building, Attitude Boosting Resources
Sheryl Roush, DTM, PDG, Accredited Speaker

10 Presentations
• 7 Secrets to Connect with Anyone
• Attitude: The Healthy Alternative
• Higher Self-Empowerment for Women
• How to Become An Accredited Speaker*
• Perc-U-Lating Power
• Solid Gold Marketing Tactics
• Solid Gold Speaker One-Sheets
• Sparkle When You Speak!™ (2 versions)
• Sparkle-Tude!® for Women in Business

20 Special Interviews
including Toastmasters
Sheryl Roush & Johnny Campbell ... with
Accredited Speaker* Secrets Revealed
+17 Sets of Handouts (PDFs)

*Toastmasters International's Accredited Speaker Program acknowledges members who already possess and regularly demonstrate expert public speaking skills. Less than 10% of applicants qualify.







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