Creating marketing for your
club, church, company
or organization?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced
editor, you will profit from this

“Gold Mine of Great Design”

For EVERY level of designer

176 pages, 8-1/2 x 11” perfect bound
ISBN # 1-880878-04-6
Bookstore Price $29.95 + tax


   Additional Marketing

    Brochures, Display Ads, Fliers,
    Posters, Fax-Friendly Designs,
    Booklets, Presentatiuon &
    Training Materials, Web
    Marketing, Slide Presentations


Discover how to:

  • Create a profile of your target audience
  • Write and place content that gets read
  • Master the practical techniques of design,
    layout and color psychology
  • Save time by using 9 powerful shortcuts
  • Produce a finished product that has a
    professional look and feel


  • 126 Newsletter Page Layouts +
    40 other project samples
  • 8 Ready-to-use worksheets + 13 easy checklists
  • 50 Golden Nuggets + 1 HUGE Chunk of Ore!
Designer's Corner:Samples from around the globe!  
INTRODUCTION: Important Stuff You Need to Know!
Fundamentals of Effective Graphic Design.Definitions of Good Design
Analyzing Your Reading Audiences Three Stages of Communication. Worksheet: Creating Your MessageWorksheet: Knowing Your Target Audience
Getting Started
Putting Power into Print
Benefits of a Newsletter Program. Defining the Goals & Objectives. 5 Questions Designers Ask. Creating Your Mission Statement.
What Needs to Be Included
8 Consistent Elements. What Readers Want to Know. Pyramid of Priority. Where to Find Story Ideas. Questionaire Samples. Worksheet: Article Assignment. Worksheet: Publication Planning
Naming Your Newsletter
Name Your Newsletter
Brainstorming Name Selections. Nameplate Creating. Subtitle Taglines. Nameplate Designs & Make-overs.
Design & Layout
Page Layouts & Sample Designs
2 Ways to Achieve Balance. Column Grid Selections and Samples. Scholar's Margin Grid
Graphic Elements
Adding Enhancers to Grab Attention
Continuity of Image. Meeting the Reader's Needs. Graphic Devices. Photographs and Captions.
Tips to Overcome “Brain-freeze”
6 Ways to Achieve Visual Syntax. “The Golden Guide” Master Template. Mondrian Grid. 9 Simple Shortcuts to Effective Design.
5 Great Ways to Generate Creativity
Text, Headlines & Writing
Basic Elements of Great Reading
Attention-Getting Headlines
9 Ways to Boost Direct Mail Response
Promotional Words Proven to Attract
Proofreading Your Message
10 Editorial Tips
Creating the Look through Fonts
Typesetting Specifications
Survey and Readability
Selection of Appropriate Typestyle Fonts
Column Justification
Designer's Corner
Designs from Around the Globe
Before-and-After Make-Overs
Award-Winning Publications
International Newsletter Designs
Bonus Section
Designing Additional Marketing Materials
Brochure Development. Display Advertisements. Fliers, Posters & Postcards. Catalogs, Magazines, Booklets. Fax Designs & mailing. Envelopes. Training Materials. Presentation Materials
APPENDIX: Web Marketing
The Value-Added Section. Glossary. Resources Galore. Bibliography. Acknowledgements. Publication Listing

"I want you to know how very impressed I am with how you put this together. I think it
looks absolutely fantastic and I'm excited to go through it. Coming from a print
background for 10 years, we used to put on free newsletter classes for our clients and
prospects and did a lot of newsletter publications. This is such a terrific piece of work.”

Mark LeBlanc, Small Business Success

"Sheryl Roush is the bottom line when it comes to creating newsletters. I once took a
class of Sheryl's on how to create a newsletter. Then, I actually began to create one and
realized that it could be a daunting and time consuming task. What did I do? I called
the best in the business to help me: Sheryl Roush. The result was magical and a major
help to our bottom line..."

J. David Rauch, ProTec Building Services, Inc., President

"As a speaker my credibility is reflected, enhanced or diminished by the visual quality of
my support material, my newsletters, handouts, and brochures. Sheryl‘s insights,
techniques, and PRACTICAL wisdom give me confidence and save me money, time, and

Christopher Witt, Witt Communications

"My association and personal friendship to Sheryl Roush is an additional blessing in my
life, nevertheless her inspiration, love and professionalism not only touches my life but that
of countless human beings. Her unparalleled experience as a graphic artist and
multifaceted individual, makes 'Solid Gold Newsletter Design' a guide brimming with
techniques and tips that will make your next newsletter a solid gold winner! Her methods
are specific, proven and very easy to apply. You will simply ‘FALL IN LOVE’ with her

Elisa Castaneda, English-Spanish Translator and Graphic Artist

“Working together on the Nth Advantedge newsletter - we created an image that
the client was ectastic about! It generated a great response from their readers - and that
response is what it‘s all about!”

Andrew Curl, Drew Design, San Diego, CA

"Great tricks and hints like dingbats, pull quotes and drop caps are the smallest things we
can do to greater improve the layout.."

Tamara Vladic, Tiburion, Inc., San Francisco, CA

"The psychology of my market -- and what part of the page is viewed first is quite
valuable -- the three stages of displaying informational visually.."

Yuh-Mei Laio, UC Berkeley

"As a sales person I have been trained to know that people have different buying mo's, that
the language they use can identify their buying type and that by mirroring certain phrases, I
can better relate to the customer. What I found most interesting about your seminar is that
people also have reading mo's! I took away many good points to help me become a better

Abe Jarosick, Greensburg, PA

"I have my new brochure and it sure looks a lot better than the old one, thanks to you. Also,
found a format for my newsletter so it looks a lot more professional. You sure got me

Sandy Johnson, Property Manager, Danville Development
Corporation, Salt Lake City, UT

"I found the formats, Z-path, Mondrian and Scholar‘s Margin grids absolutely

Sandy Pedley, Marketing Director, PK Safety Supply

"A must-have-next-to-your-computer resource!."

Eileen Mitchell, Media Specialist, OOCL, Inc., USA

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